The project ends with a donation page because it aims to replace the gesture of purchase with a gesture of help. If you wish, you can leave a free offer to theLinea d'Ombra Association and share the project with as many people as you can. I hope that these images have made you think and I thank you for even stopping by.  

The donations will be given to theVoluntary Association Linea d'Ombra which works in Trieste to help and support migrants from the Balkan Route. The association lives on voluntary donations and does not receive any public funding, in order to keep itself independent.
You can donate by bank transfer to Association LINEA D’OMBRA ODV, BANCA ETICA, Via del Coroneo 31/2 34133 Trieste  IBAN IT05V0501802200000017121492   BIC/SWIFT CCRTIT2T84A
Or follow the link below to connect directly to the Association's PayPal button

 The association's volunteers are personally committed, every day of the year, whatever the weather, to waiting, welcoming and caring for migrants who have managed to cross the border. They provide them with medical care, food and clean clothes. The association is also in contact with the entire support network in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia, where they have focused their aid action in this last period.

 As you can read on their website: "The proceeds will be used to make the living conditions of the refugees less unbearable, to denounce the situation and to support aid operations along the Balanica Route. To this end, we are creating a network of supportive individuals and associations. In more than 18 trips, we have collected more than 60000€, brought to Bosnia as direct aid and support to local autonomous realities. We have made a documentary and several reportages. We published reports on each trip in Pressenza and Melting Pot, and urged the national press to address the issue. We also launched on In just over a week it reached 50,000 signatures."